ADCA Membership Information

Catering to the Professional while Caring for the Consumer

Who we are

Formed in 2007, We are American Distance Counseling Association We offer membership to State Board Licensed Counselors who provide online counseling services via the internet, using email, chat software and internet-based telephone services.  We provide a professional organization for American based licensed counselors who have been approved by virtue of their credentials clearly posted for clients at their counseling websites. 



Formation Rationale

There is currently no other national organization exclusively for professional distance counseling providers.  American Distance Counseling Association was formed to fill this need.  ADCA provides membership to a professional community of licensed counselors, who will work together to support professional development and client safety.



You are invited - We invite you to apply and participate at whatever level of involvement you need to support your practice.  By your association with other professionals, you benefit by being acknowledged as a Clinical Member, with links to your practice for those seeking referrals from members.  We also provide a confidential method for you to "talk" to others who share your same business and treatment concerns through a private posting board, restricted to only distance counselor members.



Goals - Our goal is to represent to the public the safest place to find treatment through the internet.  The future goal for the organization is to secondarily build, through the membership, a network for office-based treatment in locations throughout the United States to support online work.


Membership Requirement- One year online counseling experience is required for ADCA Clinical Membership. This can be verified with your counseling site URL and one professional reference who will substantiate your online experience.


Steps To Join ADCA -

  1. Please submit your membership fee using the links below:

    Clinical Membership $45.00 per year
    Academic Membership $55.00 per year

  2. Please Click Here to fill out the membership application.

Please do not complete the membership application until you have first submitted your membership fee.



Applications for Clinical Membership will be accepted from mental health treatment providers only.  (This will not be a mixed group of lay and/or para-professionals members.)  We look forward to your application, and to working together with others who are pioneers in the growing field of distance counseling services.  If you are interested in completing an application, please use this link -  We look forward to a future association with you, to support your distance counseling efforts. 



ADCA Membership Fees: 

Clinical Membership      $45.00 per year

Academic Membership  $55.00 per year



Organizational Membership may apply for 10 or more counselors on a group counseling website  $35.00 per requested counselor.


Organizational Membership is restricted to those group counseling practices  which represent  only  professional services provided by state board licensed counselors.  Disclosure: American Distance Counseling Association is a not for profit organization.  There are four part time paid positions of Administration and Website Services.  A President and Board of Directors guides the organization and makes recommendations for development of the ADCA activities. 



Your Association Logo and Clinical Membership Certificate

After approval of your membership status, you will be sent a file that contains the Association Logo for your website, and a file for your Membership Certificate which can be printed and framed for wall display and/or your websiteSee "Charter Membership" updates.



ADCA Counselor-Find Service provides a free listing to Clinical Members to assist consumers in finding safe treatment on the internet.


American Distance Counseling Association