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Client Comments
The following are some comments from consumers who feel they have been assisted in their lives through the use of distance counseling.

"....the ease of being able to talk to my online therapist was a great help for me.  I'm in sales and I don't stay in one place long enough to even get an office appointment.  While I don't broadcast that I have an online therapist, I would recommend it to anyone who wants an alternative way to connect for therapy.  I have used email, but mostly rely on the telephone services now."

Phillip M. - Pennsylvania

"I began with just a question about a bad relationship I was in, and learned so much about myself in the process.  I have never been to counseling in an office, and don't think I would have ever gone, but my online psychologist was the best person I could have found.  I don't need her much now, but I value knowing that she's there if I do."

Andrianna D. - Oregon

"Yes, I think that online counseling is here to stay.  I'm not the only one I know who uses it, and I've heard my feelings mirrored in that it has been a very positive experience for me and others who have used it to get help." 

Janice J. - New York

"My first online counseling experience was not all that great.  I had to learn about the computer, along with the counseling.  I'm glad that the therapist was good at walking me through some of the technology, but we didn't click in other ways.  After that, I tried someone else and it was night and day.  I felt safer to talk and got a lot accomplished in a short time.  I didn't have to stay in therapy for years, but then I feel my issues were in the realm of a normal type of distress! Yes, I would recommend it to others." 

Michael G. - Texas

"It was not a good idea to see a therapist in my town.  I'm in law enforcement and wanted complete privacy, including not having my car parked in front of a therapist's office.  I just needed someone to explain some feelings I was trying to deal with, and I was pleasantly surprised at how safe I felt in doing this after a while.  I think individuals need to be careful on the internet, and check into who you are talking to, to find out if they are credible.  Other than that, I would use it again whenever I needed to talk to someone."

Paul C. - Washington