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Membership Application

Membership Requirement- One year online counseling experience is required for ADCA Clinical Membership. This can be verified with your counseling site URL and one professional reference who will substantiate your online experience.

Our Clinical Annual Renewal Date is June 15 of each year. Please be aware of this in case you would like to wait until that time to join.

Please submit your fee first, by clicking on one of the links:

Clinical Membership $45.00 per year
Academic Membership $55.00 per year
  (with prior agreement)

SECTION 1 - Contact Information
Name: (First and Last)
Email Address
Re-Type Email Address
Street Address
State and Zip Code
Home Telephone
Office Telephone
Date of Birth
Online Counseling Website
Where did you learn about American Distance Counseling Association?
Professional Colleague Other
SECTION 2 - Education and Licensure
Highest Degree
Date Graduated
License #
State of Licensure
Reference: List name, telephone number and email address of a reference who can verify your online practice.
Experience: Describe your distance counseling experience.
(minimum one year experience for clinical members)
Training: Describe any continuing education credits you have relating to online counseling or delivery of online education.
SECTION 3 - Membership Categories
Clinical Member $45 / Yearly.
Masters degree, State Board License, at least one year of distance counseling
Academic Member $55 / Yearly.
Non Clinical - Educational - Technology or Support services of Distance Counseling*


*ADCA Board review and approval required for all Academic Memberships

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