A warm welcome to American Distance Counseling Association (ADCA), the professional organization founded to promote safety and confidence in  counseling treatment on the internet and through phone services.   ADCA Members are licensed mental health and educational specialists who offer support and counseling via connections through the internet, office-based practices, and/or the use of telephone services.



As Distance Counselors we have the ability to impact lives on a broader scale.  Today, consumers are utilizing and integrating the internet for educational needs, medical information, and rapid help from experts in all areas of individual and family life.  Distance Counselors are addressing needs which have been consumer driven, to expand the type of help that has been traditionally offered.  For over a decade counseling has been offered through email, chat and telephone services to those consumers who prefer and demand that they have more choices and more options.



If you are a Licensed Counselor, providing services via internet, you are invited to apply and join with others who are facing the same challenges online.  A few licensed distance counselors have been involved with eTherapy services for the past 10-12 years.  Many others may have had 3-5 years experience.  Every week more professionals are expanding their practices with online services and similar to any other solo practice, it is important to network with others and share resources.



ADCA is here for the professional by providing an organization structure for distance counselors to network, and a private forum for interaction with other distance counselors.  ADCA is also here for consumers, to locate safe online treatment through member referral services, articles, and resources.



Distance counseling is the practice of seeking and receiving help through the internet.  Other terms used for distance counseling are tele-health and online counseling and online therapy.  It is also referred to as eTherapy, a termed coined by and attributed to Dr. John Grohol. 


The American Counseling Association, ISMHO International Society for Mental Health Online, APA American Psychological Association, AAMFT American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and other organizations have developed best ethics practices for distance counselors. 


Distance counselors have provided help for issues related to relationships, suicide prevention, depression, divorce, anxiety, employment and education for more than a decade, with few problems and high acceptance by both consumers and counselors.



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